The Lady Anchored is here! The Lady Anchored is that woman who is consciously choosing to live her best life in each day! That lady who wants unbridled joy and success despite external circumstances! The Lady Anchored is You!

I started The Lady Anchored as a blog to share my fun, happy and also vulnerable tales of life. The aim was to speak about a lady anchored in her faith and anchored in Christ. It has been an eye opening empowering journey thus far, I must say! I am loving every moment of it.

The Lady Anchored Mission and Vision has led me to my Master Mindset Life Coach Certification! I want to empower more lives personally and wholly!

Now, it is evolving to empower and inspire women anchored in their God-given talents and skills to elevate their skills to live emotionally empowered lives each day! You know, yourselves.

I have met some incredible women in my life this past year. The pandemic has helped me unleash more and more of my potential and I am striving to do that with fellow women! I have learnt something that has been said to me for many years but one that I hold so close today: Freedom of Choice! I get to choose the life that I want. It has been said in many forums: motivational speeches! in the Bible! We all know it but how have I been taking it for granted! Maybe, you have been too.

I want to make such a personalised positive impact in all those I engage with. I want to help you to uncover your self love, empower and encourage you to live your best in each day; no matter the circumstances.

I want to live a life that declares what Paul did in Acts 20: 26- 27 NIV “Therefore, I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of any of you. For I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God!”

I want and desire to live my life with this confidence knowing that I took advantage of every opportunity to speak boldly God’s truth; the whole will of God. I want to be fully present, fully available taking advantage of every opportunity with family, friends, work and The Lady Anchored Community! This is my big why today! What is your Big Why?

Today, I want to live such an extraordinary life that it amazes me. I want to be happy and joyful where I am! And I want to do it with you all! I feel blessed and favoured that I get to live the life of my choosing! How about you?

Let’s do this!