Today was a good day. I truly appreciated my circle!

I did two things that bring me joy:

  • I met a friend and colleague for an early lunch and  we talked and shared as well; especially on Faith and what it means to both of us.
  • I had a deep, engaging teaching call with a Pastor that I was introduced to through a friend.

I had a chance to empower and encourage on the one hand and I got blessed and enlightened on the other hand! All in the same day!

I ask, you, who is in your circle?

I always feel so blessed and affirmed in my purpose when after a meeting, hangout, phone call when someone me that I empowered or encouraged them with what I shared. And how, it seems to have come out effortlessly!

Truth is, before any interaction I have with anyone, I always say a very short prayer: “Dear Lord, may you guide this upcoming meeting/dinner/lunch/trip. May you speak a word through me to this person (or people)! In Jesus name. Amen”

So guess what, ladies?

I don’t work alone when I meet up with you! The secret is out! Plus, I do not intend to.

Infact, where I used to work alone. it was very hectic. No peace at all.

You know how I gauge when something is going well when I sense peace and order!

1 Corinthians 14:33 says that For God is not a God of disorder but of peace – as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people.

Quite literally for me… if there seems to be confusion and strife, the first action is to pray! Oh yes! The number of times my husband can attest to my abrupt requests to pray in the middle of a conversation which is about a distressing matter! Hahaha! Have I mentioned I am an intercessor?

There is a lot that this knowledgeable Pastor shared with me and one of the key messages that struck me was that we usually look at the years of a relationship but fail to look at the years ahead with that same relationship!  Are they building me up?

Yoh! I found that very eye opening.

Sometimes, our divine connections are pending because, well, for one the devil would not want us to grow in our faith and, because sometimes, if you are like me, we assume the longer the friendship, the more valuable it is. Or maybe, it is as simple or as complex as we are not in tune with the Lord to hear what He says about a friendship.

How often do you spend time with God? How are you nurturing that relationship from your end?

Have you prayed over and about your specific relationships?

Are there relationships in your life that do not kindle joy anymore?

Is there a new friendship or connection you feel drawn towards?

Truth is, when you walk with the Lord, not everyone will understand your journey. Others will only remember the old you and only want to interact with that old version. They may not be willing to accept the transformation that has happened within you.

Have you ever thought that the one relationship you hold close could be what hinders you?

Harsh! But that could be the reality for some of us!

And most times, you already knew it, you just didn’t want to listen at that moment in time. It is understandable. However, where the Lord leads, may not necessarily make sense in the moment to your friends! Infact, it may not make sense to you! And you know how we love everything making sense!

I’ve heard it said quite a bit that you are only as good as your circle! It may refer to opportunities, networks and general growth. And, it also refers to your spiritual life as well.

Are there relationships that are hindering your walk with God?

The Bible says in Hebrews 12:1 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us!”

I pray that the Lord surrounds you with a divine community! I pray all the connections from family, friendships, business and spiritual connection be only the ones that The Lord has for you. May the Lord reveal to You by the power of the Holy Spirit the ones that you need to to let go of.  May He give you grace, courage and wisdom to follow through with severing these ties and the words that you will need to speak to these individuals to bring this to a close.  I pray that God will open the door for the new divine connections for this year in business, personal, ministry and friendships.  He knows the people that need to be a part of your life and I pray His favor over you always. In Jesus name. Amen

As always,

Your Personal Encourager!