Are there words that we should not speak out loud?

Are there moments we are asked not to share with others?

Well… I believe the vulnerability in us comes our best when we openly share and speak what we hold inward. I know know… we have heard, and we have been told – do not speak unless you have something good to say!

What happens to the negative within us?

Where do we get to release that? Especially when those thoughts and conversations are what hold us back from living our best lives. It is toxic to suppress negative thoughts those thoughts will come back with a vengeance for one and with increased emotional charge at that.

Therapy has always had a bad reputation in an African setting, and it will take so much time for people to wake up and accept that it is useful for our own mental and emotional wellbeing. I believe we are on the right track though, there are open spaces to speak and share freely with others.

I have had negative thoughts and conversations with myself. I have lamented to the Lord of my predicaments. I have been down, and this is only human… life is about ups and downs, right? Sometimes, I feel the downs are more than the ups. And sometimes, the ups feel so flimsy that they do not make it seem worthwhile.

A friend shared this example with me today: Having THE worst day at work, your boss having yelled at you for making a costly error in a report that you shared with a customer, earlier in the day, you had a mishap on your way to work – your car now has a dent and…. you had thee best hotdog in your life! That is something to smile about. Flimsy, yes, but a win all the same.

A win is a win, whether monumental or minute. And ALL winds ought to be celebrated!

Basically, your outlook on life is what determines your happiness.

This is one of the main reasons why I chose to become a Mindset Life Coach because I realized how much control we have over our thoughts and emotions. I love engaging and speaking on matters emotional intelligence any chance I get.

Now what then can we do today when we are faced with the negative thoughts?

One way is to replace the negative thoughts with a positive TRUTH! Most times, you will find that it was a negative assumption and not a real truth.  Always negate whatever thoughts that are not building you up with thoughts that will do. Create an affirmation that you will believe and speak whenever the negative thought would like to recur. You will repeat this exercise with all the negative thoughts. Replace those thoughts with a positive affirmation for yourself.

Now that you have created your affirmations, write them down and put it in a place where you can be able to see it and read it every day. This way, you can read them early in the morning. I have mine on a cardboard near my bed and I get to recite them every morning when I am up and preparing for the day!

Are there thoughts that are to remain thoughts? I think not. Only way to move is to deal with and take action of the thoughts and emotions that we tend to hide.

We choose daily to make decisions that will affect us positively and give us the life we want.

Let us start by picking what is right over what is easy today!

I may not have all the answers and that is ok. My desire to live a faith-filled, honest, extraordinary joyful and well balanced life will always outweigh the pains. I believe there in lies our vulnerability and authenticity!

As Always,

Your Personal Encourager!