Today, is the first time, I got to sit at the balcony of my apartment!

Why is it news? Well, I haven’t had a chance to do so in almost 3 years later! 3Years!

I know!

You know how we always see life as busy! And are truly busy that we do not even get to enjoy the investments and the blessings that we have over the years because well… we are always on the move!

Today, I made time! Today, I chose to sit outside and listen to the birds chirping!

One of the trees in my line of sight!

To listen to the cars passing in the distance.

To listen to the noises around me.

To listen to the silence!

Listen to myself!

Tune in to me!

Have you ever been so busy that you did not even take a breath? Did not listen to how you were feeling? There is an adrenaline rush to keep moving from one thing to the next especially when things are working so well or maybe not working at all. Just keep going.

I am an organizer and coordinator; I do pride myself with paying attention to detail in my planning and I love it when a plan comes together!

I always take time out to plan out every activity in detail in my head and sometimes I do not take a breath to feel and enjoy the moments! To appreciate fully what I or as a team we got to achieve!

Just today, I am to host a family for the week. In my head, I have already planned the sleeping arrangements – from the ambience of the room, the food that will be eaten and at what time, the snacks and fruits that will be had when people are not eating lol. I have checked and rechecked the bathrooms to ensure that the toiletries are sufficient and in twos or threes where possible in the event one runs out! Phew!

Now, for me, to take time out before my guests arrive is so unlike me. It is so unheard of. I amaze myself at such times. It may sound like something small but for me, it is huuuge!

And I love it!

I needed the time to rest, to reflect and to rejuvenate. Again, not to be too tired to even sit and talk with my visitors.

I needed to get deeper with me! I think it is important that we all do that regularly.

It is great to sit and reflect on your life as it is now. To simply be!

Not worrying about tomorrow or what has not been done. Just sitting and being!

Being content with who you are in the moment.

Being content with what you have in the moment.

Being grateful.

Rejoicing in the now!

My panoramic view of my beautiful balcony with the trees and birds chirp chirping every now and then!

Today, during Bible Study, one of the verses that stood out for me was Proverbs 19:21 which says many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails!

First, are my plans aligned with God’s plans? Are your plans aligned to the Lord’s purpose for you?

Second, why am I struggling with my own plans, yet, God has the ultimate plans for me?

Third, I am struggling with my plans today?

Let’s think about that for a moment.

You see, God is the creator of the universe, He is the author of life, He created me. He is the reason I wake up every day. He is and has always been fully in control.

The reason I am alive right now is that God has a plan for me! The reason you are alive right now is that God has a plan for you!

If God didn’t have a plan for us, we wouldn’t exist! That’s the simple truth. The fact that you exist is more than enough proof that God has a plan. You are here for a reason. (There is a reason you are reading this today)

Bluntly put: Get out of God’s business! God’s plans for us will always be greater than our own plans for ourselves!

So, what am I saying is so many words?

  1. Purpose is more powerful and more important than plans. It precedes plans.
  2. Nothing happens outside of the Lord’s control. He has the ultimate power! Seek His will for your life!
  3. God knows what is best for us. We may think the dream we have is the way, but it may not be in God’s perfect plan for our lives.
  4. Allow God to guide you on the right path. Say it with me: Please Lord, guide me onto the right path. Not my path but Yours Lord. Not my will but Yours be done in my life”

Based on the above, therefore, it is advisable take time out now and again to dwell in each moment, feel each moment, listen to the birds and the wind and the sounds all around you. Experience God and His works! God’s got you! The Lords purpose will always prevail!

The Lords counsel > my feelings and thoughts

Allow yourself sometime whenever you can. God has a way of interrupting us; most of the times He has worked in me and through me have happened when I was interrupted. The Lord did not need me to be ready, He needed me to be available. To be willing to listen, trust and obey!

So, my challenge to you today is to take some time out for you. Yes, you have a lot to do, I know. Please, I urge you, spare some time for you. Take half an hour or an hour or two hours to take a breather, to rest and to reflect; just to sit in silence, listen to you, listen to how your body is feeling.

Key here is no phone, no laptop, no distractions, a quiet place, just you and your God. For me, it was the balcony, for you it may have to be away from home, especially with children playing and seeking your attention. It may be at a park or locking yourself in your room, anywhere basically! Whatever works, just do it for you!

I would love to hear from you especially what you uncover for you in those quiet moments!

As always,

Your Personal Encourager!