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Emotional Resilience & Clarity

The Lady Anchored helps women gain emotional clarity so that they can achieve transformational personal breakthroughs and live intentional fulfilling lives.

Unleashing The Power Within You

Elevate and Thrive

A Personal Journey of Harnessing Your Full Unabashed Potential!

Walk & Talk Therapy

It has been noted that physical movement encourages psychological movement!

Self-Care Coaching

We live in a society that rewards us for achievement, qualifications, status and success.

The Anchored Woman

Who Is The Anchored Woman?


She is a woman who has been through one challenge or other and came out resilient and stronger on the other side

Self Awareness

She is a woman who has or is developing a high sense of self-awareness 


She is a woman who knows what drives her.

Self Belief

She is a bold woman who is grounded in her belief of herself and her abilities


She is a woman who has unconditional self-love

Emotional Intelligence

She harnesses her emotions for optimum decisions


She is woman who is centered, honest and authentic distinctively


She is a woman who believes in self-care


She is a woman who has key values that she lives by

About Us

The Lady Anchored Mission:

I am passionate about helping women reclaim their personal power to excel in their God-given talents and abilities in a fun and exhilarating way so that they can lead emotionally empowered lives!

I embrace optimism, love, and joy to be more impactful so that the world more emotionally empowered.

We start by awareness then learning then change then mastery!

In order to make the Quantum Leap, you need to focus on what you can control!

To step out into the Empowered Successful Woman that you are, you need to delve deep within yourself to self-reflect and gain emotional clarity to see yourself as who you are!

Lady Anchored Affirmations, say them with me:

Do not compromise on what is important for your own successful, empowered lifestyle!


I am highly favored, blessed and loved by God. I place my full confidence in God. He has a good purpose for my life.


I give myself permission to evolve.


I am not letting circumstances define my emotional well-being. I exercise self-control and maintain a healthy emotional state.


I am not letting my outer world dictate my inner world.


I am walking in the realm of limitless possibilities.


I lead myself with love, purpose, grace and compassion.


I possess natural gifts that NO ONE else in the world has. I am open to and embracing my truth.


I am go-giver! I operate from a place of desire rather than a place of survival, I am thriving!


I refuse to settle and accept all that life has to offer. I take advantage of every opportunity presented before me.


I have healthy, supportive, impactful relationships full of love and selflessness. I am partnering with my network to connect people to each other wisely for a productive end!

Happy Beneficiaries

“Michelle assisted me to introspect and uncover what I needed to take the next steps “


“Deep and very educative discussions, the sessions were mind-opening I do not regret a single minute of attendance “

~ Diana

“Quite a session, loved it and the encouragement and push to do things more intentionally”

~ Rose

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