I have been toying with the words “Personal Encourager”.. as my personal vision and mission statement! I know right.. what does it even mean, you ask? Whatever the case, it makes me happy! I feel as though my life purpose is to be a personal encourager to those who need it!

I realized that I love speaking love, speaking hope, speaking healing and positivity; speaking blessings onto others and not necessarily my friends but all that I meet and when the moment presents itself. Today alone, I motivated and encouraged three people! And that’s what has gone into my gratitude journal as part of my accomplishments for today! I love it!

See, I have decided to uncover and unleash my life’s purpose by working with a life coach! Yap! 2021 here we come! My personal encourager tag may change over the coming weeks but for now, it resonates and touches me, makes me ecstatic just considering what that entails! What a world of full of blessings it would be to challenge and help unleash a person’s full potential just because I was at the right place and time to cheer them on!

I pray that the Lord orders my steps in this and all other journeys that open up according to His will for my life!

Now, question to self: how do I make a living out of being a personal encourager?

Would you pay to have a personal encourager, a cheerleader to urge you onto your greater self? Please say yes…I would love to see your best self . 😃

Please allow me to cheer you on… you’ve got this! I am happy to do it!