What have you challenged yourself into doing and felt most proud?

Since early 2021, I challenged myself to try out new ways of doing things and live more intentionally and making more conscious choices for me!

First, the above statement, does not begin to describe how tough that was and the difficult paths that it has led me to.

Let’s start from the beginning, in March 2020, months earlier, during the lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I decided to engage a nutritionist: @NutritionByNthenya to help me lose weight and maintain it.

What I loved about working with this wonderful lady was that she did not get me on a diet or you know, maybe calorie counting. She gradually showed me how to look at the portions of the different food groups on my table. That already was sustainable for me. I did not have to go out and but anything that was new to me or make something that was new to me…well.. I learnt how to make smoothies even better. I will not downplay that! Smoothies rock!

 She supported me in this journey for 2 months after which I took it up and ran with it! I have maintained a good weight for myself since then and I did lose 12kgs while working with her in total. It was great. It was exhilarating! It may seem like a small change but to me, it opened my eyes to how my choices had affected my life.

I had lived with a victim mentality for awhile. I felt then that a lot had happened to me. I had gained weight. I was not happy at work. I was passed over for a role…etc etc. This small activity that allowed to decide and stick with it and it yielded results even bigger than I thought.

The consequences of Resilience 😃😃😃😃😃

I have always loved sitting with people and listening to them and encouraging them any chance I get. When I was able to lose and maintain my weight, I knew I had to discover how I could then intensify my desire to help others too.

Fast forward to November of the same year, I remember feeling lethargic and needing to make a change in a life, a deeper change. I saw how I was able to make up my mind and stick to the lifestyle that brought me joy truly.

I challenged myself to making a personal change in my life: I remember going to one of the groups on Facebook: WomenWorkKE and looking up first mentors and then life coaches. I bumped into Joanne Muturi’s posts and went to her page, and I was immediately convinced she would be the best person who would help me. I knew I had to get the necessary assistance to move from autopilot to control!

Hence, in 2021, I found one of the most authentic life coaches I know: Joanne Muturi! She held a Vision Board Casting session in December 2020 and advised me to join as I decided to take up her class which I did. I got to work on my first ever vision board.

Now, that is one of the challenges that I pushed myself into that I am proud of to date. She helped open my eyes to the potential and the gifts I was sitting on. I cannot thank this wonderful lady enough even today. The Lady Anchored had been put into my heart a while before I met her but for me, it was simply a blog to share, support and empower fellow women in similar situations.

Did I see myself then as a Mindset Life Coach? Nope!

Did I even know what a Mindset Life Coach was?

What I know is that when you start saying Yes to you, then things start falling into place.

Success loves speed and intentional action! When you uncover what you want to do and get to it and push on through the resistance and the hurdles, it will always lead to a successful joyful place! When you positively keep challenging yourself, it also means you are strengthening your mind and resolve!

So, I ask, what are you challenging yourself to do today? Let’s build our emotional resilience in making those difficult decisions that move us out of our comfort zone!

I would like to hear from you, what you are challenging yourself to doing!

As Always,

Your Personal Encourager!