Today, I had an ideal day: I got to spend time with family! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

I am grateful for the gift family and friendship…genuine friendships where you encourage, speak openly and transparently. Also, it always reminds me how much I love hosting and how I go all out to entertain and make others feel comfortable. But most of all, I love being encouraging and empowering to all those around me every day.

So, something that you may find strange about me, is that whenever I speak to others and I feel that God is speaking through me, I always get a chill/shiver.. almost like goosebumps to depict how important that message is to the person. Sometimes, it does not make sense to me when I say it but to the person, it always seems to hit home. Other times, I feel like what I have shared is so profound that I end up writing it down! ❤️

This happens a lot especially when I pray specifically for the person before meeting them, usually it is a pre-planned session
and not random. The Lord always comes through and gives me a word to speak
. I always feel the Holy Spirit guide me and I always emphasize the message I feel called to share. That is how, I always believe that my calling is to simply encourage and empower others! That is my happy place!

I love having such moments because I believe that the Lord led me to that moment. Nothing has ever and will ever surprise our Lord and King! I just love that! it reassures me and strengthens me each day.

Does anyone else experience a similar feeling I am trying very hard to describe? 😃😃

I have always wanted to ask someone: How is your experience with the Holy Spirit? And today, I ask you! You see, I have not seen much information or had many within my circle share their experiences. I feel like we shy away from sharing this wonderful experience; this joy and peace that overcomes us even in a tumultuous situation.

Oh! What an Awesome Loving God we serve. He renews our strength each day. Even in hard times, He reigns. He teaches us how to love and serve each day in His word. I just want to praise Him all the days of my life.

You see, that to me is what I call my perfect day… when I have encouraged one fellow human being and left a positive impact on them to reclaim their personal power to live their best lives. I am passionate to helping fellow women master their mindset and live emotionally empowered lives.

Therefore, my ideal day is a one where you and I are fully connected to our thoughts and emotions
and living empowered lives. W
here we fully acknowledge and accept our emotions and our chosen life paths! My ideal day is where we experience such a  radicalised self- worth and self love that we are so enthused to share that love with all those around us. My ideal day entails fellow ladies anchored in their faith and anchored in their life purpose!

And that affirms to me my purpose in this world!

Let me digress a bit here.. I have also come to believe that the purpose I believe I am called to do, is making human
sense to me, yes, but I also believe it is not exactly the same for the Lord. Hear me out, you see, God is infinite! He has infinite wisdom and knowledge!

I cannot, we cannot even begin to fathom what His thoughts are about us and where
we fit in His great plan for us all. In Isaiah 55:8-9 says
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your

So, even in our purpose, I believe we are looking at only a subset, which is what is humanly possible. If the Lord actually opened our eyes to His grand plan, I think we would not be able to understand it all. We are used to logic based on what we have learned and experienced in our lives so far. Would you agree?

Back to our perfect world conversation now, have you ever sat down and written down your visualization of your perfect day?

Go to a quiet place, pray and note down that ideal day without thinking of any obstacles, when everything is just going
as it should! How does it look like?
What is standing out for you? And most importantly, how can you make it come true for you today?

I would love to hear your revelations on your perfect day.