Hey peeps, how are you all doing? I have missed sharing…

I have been struggling.. questioning.. pondering.. about my future with regards to children. You see, I have 2 miscarriages and one preterm baby loss under my belt! And I am not even 35 yet!

I want to take you all along this journey.. hoping this time will be different. Welcome to DAY ONE! We are back to trying for a baby again. I am, yet again, seated in the waiting room of one gynaecologist who has been recommended by a friend. It begins.. the long hour waits, the uncertainty.. the worry of not only getting pregnant but maintaining the pregnancy to actually holding a healthy living human being!

baby s right foot on person left palm

Photo by Kaniz Sheikh on Pexels.com

I am surprised at my resilience and renewed hope for this journey. In 2017, when I lost my son, I was so sure I was done with this chapter and never again going through it. Look at me now.. Ready for the meds.. the injections… the sleepless nights.. the endless research. I am here! I will take on this journey with renewed strength and openness.

I do not know what the future holds- how we will be, where we will be- all I know is each journey begins with a desire then a step and taking it all ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Here’s to “our” journey for triplets! 😀 😀