L.I.F.E stands for Love In Full Effect!! I got that from Beckah Shae’s blog.

I love her song on forgiveness. I have battled with an unforgiving heart myself. This song has just been speaking to me lately.

All of us at some point have been misused, mistreated, betrayed, or hurt and will at some point be confronted with the choice to forgive. No one, not even God can make you forgive someone. I have learned forgiveness is about obedience.

These words just hit home and I realised it all lies with me. I am the only one who can make me happy. No one else can make me happy.

“But I refuse to amuse the lies
And whether or not they apologize
I’m movin on, I’m gonna let go
Cause I gotta fly
Laying down all that’s in the past, no bitterness
Putting aside all my pain and my pride, to be blessed
I’ve learned what we hold against someone else
Will only wind up hurting ourselves
We need love motivation

There’s healing in your wings
Your peace it let’s me breathe
You’re the reason why I live
I’m worth only what I give
Forgiveness “

There is always a choice to make when it gets to that point. Forgive or Hold a grudge!

“Faced with the options presented
Forgive or resent it/ to live or regret it/ grip or forget it
You gotta love or hate it
See, the truth’s been stated
Let it go, cuz the past has been dated
Now pardon me of my faults in the fall of me
Dignity placed in all we see
Drawn from a source of what we can’t force
A loving trace of a crimson course
Of course, no remorse in… ”

Let us make the conscious effort today and forgive from the bottom of our hearts and FREE ourselves from all the hurt and pain.

God bless…