I know I know, I can’t just start a blog and then disappear like that. It has been a while. I have missed airing out my dirty linen in public though. Who knew I would have so much fun??

Anyway, I hope you have all been well thus far. 🙂 And most importantly that you missed me. I have gone on and on about how I can’t wait to be Mrs. Zohan, well, guess what, I am about to rant and rave on the same thing AGAIN! But I love you for reading this.

I was up-country (but I should mention I come from the Coast, somewhere near the  Indian Ocean beach) this past weekend and I will probably be back there in another week’s time. Why the many trips? No, am not yet planning for my wedding. Although, my wedding will be at the coast. I went to see my mummy and my granny. It has been a while since I last saw them. By awhile I mean maybe two months! 🙂

I am so looking forward to being someone’s wife, just to see what that entails and what more obligations will come with that role. I know, my excitement better be contagious!  Back to my tale, I get home to see everyone, my mum, granny, and my two uncles. But I don’t see my uncle’s wife or their three children – my cousins. I made the MISTAKE of asking where they were and I say a mistake because what I was told left me shell-shocked. Apparently, my aunt had packed up all her belongings and left! She just upped and left my uncle.

I should mention, my aunt doesn’t live so far from where she got married. Her matrimonial home and her maiden home are like 500m from each other!!

I mean, if you really wanted, you can see her taking tea in the morning. LOL! It beats me, why would someone who had everything and I mean everything just leave it all behind? My uncle has done his best to ensure the basic necessities are available. I am not being biased, just painting the picture as it is. They have 3 beautiful children, who are tinier versions of them, have their own house and I don’t mean rented or leased, as, in their own, they built it together. Very huge house in urban standards, considering the tiny roomed houses we rent out in towns. Fine, he doesn’t have a stable job but then again he doesn’t have to worry about rent and fuel/transport or any of that, they have a huge farm – farm animals, crops, and all. :)And most importantly, a loving family, a family that was so close and kept together always. Always looked out for each other and took care of each other.

Why would she leave all that behind? I am still wondering what was the last straw for her? What went through her head to just pack up and leave? What happens to the kids? Should we act like they aren’t affected? What lesson is she teaching them? That you can always give up when you get tired or whatever it is that my aunt was feeling? What happened to ‘if it’s broken let’s fix it not throw it all away?’

All this joy I have in my heart for marriage, will I get to a similar point someday years into my marriage? Have I done that with some of my friendships? Or at work? Or in anything that I found was too hard for me to do?

Today’s message: If it’s broken, LET’S FIX IT!! Be it friendship, family, work! Let’s fix it!