Have you ever had those awkward conversations where you just want to stop talking to the person but don’t want to ruin the friendship either? The ones when you get one-word responses or someone just doesn’t sound interested in your conversation? Well, I have. Well, just one particular friend.

I made the mistake of stating my mind, as I always do and it rubbed the lady the wrong way. So in my bid to stay friends and because am trying to speak positivity into my life, I strike up conversations and keep in touch as often as possible. Those are some of the most awkward conversations I ever had.

Sample this:

Me: Hi Gal, how are you?

Gal: Hi

Me: So how is work?

Gal:Fine, why?

Me: Just checking up on you.

Gal: ok

I woke up this morning wondering how many friends I will have left if things keep at this pace. Change is the only constant in our lives so why is it hard to accept change? :O

Is it worth keeping grumpy friends in the hope that they will change/that they will get back to their joyful selves

I recently chatted with my friend on the same, but she says we keep pushing until we have fully accepted each other with all our changes. Is that even possible? My friend has become very bitter, two years later after a hard breakup. I feel like a bad friend when I have to keep questioning our friendship. I mean when do you admit that the argument is petty or worth it.

How will I keep defending my decisions to her every time?When will I ever get comfortable with my friend again, especially now that she likes talking about our mutual friends in such negative light. Sometimes when I think like this, I just laugh because there are people out there without clothes or a place to sleep or food to eat, without friends. I should be worrying how I will help those people in this world, those people who appreciate each and every single blessing that comes their way.

Shouldn’t I spend time coming up with a genius idea of taking away all the poverty in Kenya or something like that? I think I should start a worthy cause and make more friends who are more appreciative of their blessings. How many orphans are out there who have no one to take care of them and yet  we have friends and family who we take for granted.

Lets make it our mindset to be thinking positively and appreciating all we have in this life.

We only live once and you can choose to do that positively, loving everyone in your life and taking stock of all our blessings! Friends forever!