Elevate and Thrive: A Winning Mind Set 

A Personal Journey of Harnessing Your Full Unabashed Potential! 1.5hr a week for only 12 weeks with the aim to restore each woman’s emotional power. Conquer your emotions to achieve happiness and productivity at work and in life.

My Commitment 

I am here to help fellow women remain anchored in their perfect diverse callings in a more intentional way!

I aim to help you:


Gain self-awareness. Self-improvement is impossible without self-awareness.


Create Accountability


Increase Motivation


Set Realistic Goals


Engage in Self-Reflection

Specific results:

  • Create radical and sustained change in your life.
  • Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior for Success in Life
  • Mental training skills to develop courage and confidence to live a life of power, purpose and passion!
  • A personalized assessment and emotional control map with The Lady Anchored workbook
  • Practice Emotional & Present Moment Awareness
  • Tools to understand, manage and reduce stress
  • Mindset Makeover: identify blind spots and become your own master.
  • Understanding yourself, your goals, intentions, responses, behavior and all.
  • Understanding others, and their feelings.
  • Self-Confidence Building & Healthy setting of boundaries
  • Accountability and Availability with Michelle and EQ Network
  • Expert in Purpose and Strategic Leadership
  • The Lady Anchored Merchandise
  • A Personalized Self-Care Package Bonus*

Our Other Programs

Walk & Talk Therapy

I aim to help declutter and clarify key challenges to an elevated mindset.

Self-care coaching

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