Self-Care Coaching

Give yourself the radical love you deserve!

We live in a society that rewards us for achievement, qualifications, status, and success. Many people work extremely hard to get there – ignoring what their bodies and minds are telling them

But what’s the point of success, a great career – if you’re always stressed or overwhelmed?

Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more.

There are six types of self-care: emotional, physical, social, practical, mental, and spiritual.

Throughout your day-to-day life, a regular self-care routine may help build self-esteem and confidence, reduce generalized anxiety and stress, and improve your overall happiness. In the long term, a solid self-care practice can help manage chronic illness and improve interpersonal relationships.

I will help you to eliminate the distraction, take charge, and redirect your life as you balance professional success with your health and happiness.

Everyone has their own goals which they want to achieve. So, first, set the goals properly

The Lady Anchored Pampered is a full day retreat that will include:

  • Gentle Exercises
  • Gentle Mindfulness Exercises
  • A Group Coaching Session
  • Wholesome Meals and Treats
  • A Spa Session to create a truly inspirational and transformational space!

My promise is for self-care sessions will be :

  • Implement Your Preachings
  • Define Self-Criticism Positively
  • Stay Neutral
  • Be Friendly And Firm
  • Give You Freedom To Be

You can expect to receive:


Self-Care Plan


Self-Love &Self-Expression Techniques


Self-Care: Decluttering


Self-Care: Pampering


Bonus: The Lady Anchored Merchandise

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