Elevate your mindset and thrive in uncertain times

DATE: Saturday, 9, July 2022

Venue: Sankara Hotel 

Time: 12:00PM – 5:00PM

  • Are you a progressive professional or entrepreneur who not only needs to recharge but also, would like to be surrounded by like-minded ambitious ladies?


  • Do you ever feel scared and anxious about making pertinent decisions to help you move forward in the different spheres of your life – career, business, health, and finances?
  • Are you tired of hearing only political debates and would love to be part of vibrant conversations that ignite your own personal desires and ambitions?


  • Do you find yourself knowing what you need to do and just not able to get yourself to do it because you are overly concerned about what the outcome would be?


  • Are you desperate to know how to move with the times when things are constantly changing & evolving?



IF YES…..I’ve got WONDERFUL news for you!!!

I am so excited to share that I will be hosting The Lady Anchored Ignite Conference on Saturday, 9th July 2022 for a Half-Day Retreat at The Sankara Hotel from 12PM to 5PM.


During this half-day exclusive in-person experience, you will get to:

  • Eliminate the distractions, take charge of and redirect your life as you balance professional success with your health and happiness.
  • Declutter your mind and clarify key challenges to an elevated mindset.
  • Activate key mentality tools and techniques to guide you in your day-to-day life henceforth
  • Create a truly inspirational and transformational space with authentic ladies all on the same path as you
  • Experience a significant decrease in your level of stress and anxiety.


“The level of uncertainty that you are willing and able to live with, determines how much and how fast you will change.”

Let me put it a little bit more in context!

I was once stuck behind a large Citi Hoppa bus as we waited for the traffic light to turn green. As the light turned green, the Citi Hoppa just couldn’t move and once the bus driver realized this, he made it known to the other passengers and for us, fellow drivers, he put on his hazards to alert us that there was a problem.

One thing that happened rather quickly was that the other drivers who were stuck in traffic began hooting as though that would make the stalled bus move.

The different passenger reactions caught my attention:

  1. A few strong men alighted and started pushing the bus to get it off the road at the very least. As you can imagine, that was a hard task with people in it. It was a slow and tedious task.
  2. Some passengers quickly counted their losses and alighted and began looking for other means to continue with their trip.
  3. Yet others remained seated and waited to see the outcome of this stalled situation.

Who do you think made a smart move here?

Putting yourself in the situation, which passenger do you identify with?

  • Are you the agile and flexible one who quickly assesses the situation and makes a decisive move?
  • Are you the one who offers to give it a push, one last try, when something isn’t working?
  • Are you the one who waits to see if the situation will change, however long it will take – even if there seems to be no hope?

Whichever passenger you are, it is important to have a healthy and elevated mindset to know which choices to make in orderto thrive in uncertain times!

So, with this in mind, regardless of which passenger you see yourself as, this conference is for you!

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 9th July 2022 for a Half Day Retreat at The Sankara Hotel from 12:00PM – 5:00PM.


Keep in mind that being able to deal with uncertainty is a skill that can be developed, as you become more confident that you can deal with change.

Also, as you start associating uncertainty and change with something that creates happiness and helps you achieve your dreams, your desire for uncertainty will increase!

It is perfectly natural and inevitable for life situations to be unpredictable, uncertain, and rarely to happen the way you believe they should.

What’s the point of success, a great career, a booming business – if you’re always stressed or overwhelmed?

Sometimes we need to create a SPARK to get us moving, that’s big enough to keep us going. Other times we need to LIGHT A FIRE under our butt to remind us of our big reason – the WHY behind why we are doing what we are doing!

There’s a spark in you, you’ve just got to ignite the light and let it SHINE! ~ Katy Perry

See you on Saturday, the 9th of July 2022

Michelle Kahonzi Iha

Event Host,

Lead Coach at The Lady Anchored Ltd

Certified Master Mindset Coach

I am passionate about helping women reclaim their personal power to excel in their God-given talents and abilities in a fun and exhilarating way so that they can lead emotionally empowered lives!

I embrace optimism, love, and joy to be more impactful so that the world is more emotionally empowered.

We start by awareness then learning then change then mastery!


In order to make the Quantum Leap, you need to focus on what you can control!

To step out into the Empowered Successful Woman that you are, you need to delve deep within yourself to self-reflect and gain emotional clarity to see yourself as who you are!


Bethy Arden- Inner Health Coach, Mental Healing Coach and Social Justice Supporter

Bethy is passionate about contributing to transforming the lives of others through her 7+ years’ experience as a Children and Adult Social Worker, Mental Health Emergency Assistance and Inner Healing of Heart Wounds. She provides these skills in Kenya, the UK, and Ethiopia. She holds a Master of Science in Social Work (UK) and is a Certified Trauma Healing Coach.

As an Inner Healing Coach, she works with women to identify the root cause of the negative traits in their lives such as Financial Failure, Business Failure, Pain caused by Divorce, Debt, Anti-Marriage (for those who desire marriage), Anxiety, joblessness, Fear, Lifestyle illnesses, Mental illness, and Bed wetting, etc.

Eva Kimani- Strategic Female Leadership Mentor

Eva is a marketing professional in the healthcare industry with over 15 years of experience. She started her career in medical research and has transitioned into corporate leadership in the healthcare sector holding positions in training, sales, product and marketing management. She has worked for various multinationals which have a presence in Africa including BD and GE Healthcare. Eva is passionate about supporting women with technical and mid-level management skills transition to executive leadership positions. She has mentored several women who are making leaps in their career.

Eva considers herself a career roadmap strategist and believes that leadership is a mind-game. Women have a lot of potential to change the world and it begins with taking a bold step forward to take responsibility with or without a title at the workplace, in business or in the community.
What is your vision? Does this align with your day-to-day responsibilities?

“I would like to bring visionary leadership into context and how we can align to the vision of careers, organizations or businesses”- Eva Kimani

Quote: Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality- Warren Bennis

Rose Mkoji- Mindful Eating Coach

Rose Mkoji is a Mindful eating Coach who is passionate about sharing her food experience and hopes to inspire many families for longevity and happiness.
She began her journey in Food service provision by serving clients enrolled in a South African Program who needed increased success in their Weight loss journey.

14 years later, she now dreams of building her health coaching business to six-figures, attract paid coaching clients while building more impact

Her biggest accomplishment to date has been successfully serving hundreds
of clients seeking healthier habits.
Rose Mkoji lives in Nairobi and participates in cooking, tennis and loves
outdoor adventure.

To get in touch with Rose Mkoji, call/message me on +254 720 770 658.

Quote: “You can’t be great if you don’t feel great. Make exceptional health your #1
priority.” – Robin Sharma

Mnyindo Tairo Mngola- Insurance Educator & Personal Risk Specialist

Mnyindo Tairo-Mngola is an insurance educator and personal risk specialist for successful entrepreneurs and professionals. Her desire is to help families rise and she is passionate about ending generational financial traumas in Africa. She has a background in financial mathematics, wealth management and digital insurance.

She is a mum of two and loves spending time with family and friends; doing things that give her joy like having amazing conversations, travelling and working with widows and orphans.

She is also the founder of Le’Risque Africa whose mission is to ensure intergenerational continuity of wealth and protection of African legacies by making sure that no family’s quality of life suffers due to risks that can be mitigated – both on a personal and organizational level.

She does her best to educate our clients and provide them with tailor-made solutions that will give them a peace of mind to live the ultimate life that they desire and deserve.

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